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Race Report - CarFest North 2015

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On 30th July Hepworth International loaded up the truck with three cars all destined for Oulton Park to attend Chris Evans’ CarFest North for Children In Need.
A short trip across the county saw the team arrive in Cheshire with David Hepworth’s BRM P167, Hepworth Ferguson 4WD Hillclimb car and Cooper Chevrolet Hillclimb converted F1 car.
Ryan was approached by father and Uncle Stephen and Andrew to drive the Cooper over the weekend, Ryan recalls, “When I was asked if I wanted to drive the Cooper last week in the workshop I was lost for words, the only word I could say was yes, to be able to make my “F1” debut in a car my grandfather built and competed in is a great experience and was definitely a great feeling, the opportunity to get out and experience a car of that age with that much family history is a dream, and to be driving at the same event as my father and uncle just adds to the experience”.
Ryan’s father Stephen and uncle Andrew were in charge of driving the Hepworth 4WD and BRM P167 can-am car.
Friday was rehearsal day, Ryan adds, “Friday was a good day for me, it allowed me to get some experience in the car before any members of the public are around, after all ive never driven a car like this before so learning the car was essential, and the realising I would be running with the likes of ex-F1 Lotus’ and Benetton’s was a bit daunting as they had a lot more power than I did and they knew how to come through, but no it was ideal to learn the car and how it handles, the second run on Friday we experienced a blown rocker cover gasket which was fixed ready in time for Friday.”
Saturday was the first day the show was open to the public for the complete day, Ryan adds “Saturday was great, it was sunny in the morning and we had two runs of about 3 laps each, the first run was more of a run to make sure the rocker cover gaskets were going to hold up, the afternoon however was a different story, as it started raining around midday we had decided on the Friday that if it rained we wouldn’t run and it really started raining heavily, it came to my run and we kept looking at each other, my dad decided it wasn’t bad enough to call it a day, all I can say is it tested me and the car, with the power and the lack of grip I know realise why F1 was so much fun back in the 60’s.”
Sunday, the final day of the weekend, Ryan adds “Sunday was a funny one we weren’t sure what runs we were going to get and then we were told……one run of 5 laps, well that made it even more fun, dad and uncle Andrew went out before me and they only just had enough fuel to complete the 5 laps, then it was time for the Cooper, we knew it would have enough fuel but it had never run for that long in one go, when I got back to the garage, dad turned round and said “That’s the first time rubber marbles have stuck to those tyres”.”

The weekend was great, Hepworth International managed to secure an invite for all three cars of the newly named “David Hepworth Collection” of which included the freshly restored BRM P167 “The Beast of Brighouse”.

Ryan is looking at running more in 2016 in different formulaes and is currently looking for sponsorship, he is welcoming interested parties to approach himself or the team on or