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Ryan is the third generation in seven decades of racing driver in the Hepworth family.

From Brighouse, West Yorkshire, Ryan has taken on motorsport from his father Stephen Hepworth and uncle Andrew Hepworth but the families roots in motorsport goes back to Ryans grandfather David Hepworth (see The Hepworth Family).

Ryan's motorsport career started at the age of 8 when he dropped football and golf to take up go-karting, starting doing un-official local events Ryan was keen to get his licence so he could start participating in local club events, by the age of 9 Ryan was licenced and started competing in local club events finishing first novice and in the top 10 at most outings. Progressing through karts Ryan got to the Minimax class, by this time Ryan was old enough to join the families race team in Ginetta Juniors and in August 2007 Ryan passed his ARDs test and gained his Race licence.

Ryan took part in the last two events in the 2007 season at Pembrey and Brands Hatch, he then took part in the 2007 Winter series. 2008 came and Ryan was limited to selected events, this was due to funding although only being able to race at selected events Ryan made a mark for himself.

Between 2009 and 2010 Ryan was racing in certain events and was testing so he could keep his racing knowledge and experience up.

In 2010 Ryan got the chance to start co-driving with uncle, Andrew Hepworth, the one event at Croft, Catterick and managed to secure first in class and won the team award. Following the success Ryan had the chance to join another driver on the Lee Holland Memorial rally in 2011 and again with that came success with a second in class.

In 2012 Ryan again participated in the rally at Croft but this time the car had major engine problems and after a great start Ryan and Andrew had to slow down due to the engine problem meaning any chance of success had dissapeared.

With this experience Ryan hopes to grow on his successes in rallying during 2013, please check back throughout the year and see how Ryan is progressing.